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The Blue Ridge roll to the horizon. A beautiful autumn day in the mountains surrounding Parkersville.

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The C&O Main Line as it rounds Millard Gap beginning the descent from Parkersville to Connor. At the turn of the century there was an additional whistle-stop at Polk.

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Palley Bridge, constructed in 1917 - by the Pennsylvania Railroad, was the first rail bridge to cross the Stewart River south of Richburg. It's now used by the C&O and is one of the oldest active bridges in West Virginia.

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A bend in Old School House Road.

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Traditional fencing along State Road 21 as you near the Willow Creek bridge.

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A beautiful summer afternoon on Hark Hollow Road.

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Looking South on Main Street in Downtown Parkersville.

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Our park Gazebo was donated in 1953 by VFW Post 8129 of Charleston.

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The Stewart River just east of the original Rysen quartz mine. It's here where the second largest quartz find in West Virginia history was made.

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Beautiful fall colors on Hawks Head Mountain.

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Autumn in full swing on 2nd Street.

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"Old School House Road" as painted from the famous photograph by Carl Bowen. It hasn't changed much.

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White Tail Dear out for an evening stroll in Blue Farm Meadow.

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An olde flower box, picturesque to the end.

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The Thrift Shope on Main Street is the oldest continuously running store in Parkersville.

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Everyone stops in at the Patio for the ParkerBurger, sarsaparilla, and homemade peach ice cream.

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Evan's Shoot is one of several abandoned coal mines in the area.

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Willow Creek in the dry season, still inviting for the young and young at heart.

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There are many nature trails in and around Parkersville. Stop in at City Hall for a map and ask about current weather conditions. Afternoon thunderstorms are not uncommon in the Summer months.

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Most people say the best time of year to visit is Autumn. Join us for the Harvest Festival, Moon Shine 10K, and several annual Arts and Crafts fairs in October, during the peak of the fall color.

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