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Nick Cavoletti - Hank's Towing

The Cavolettis moved to Parkersville in 1947. Henry Cavoletti was a Corporal in the Army stationed in the South Pacific. His wife, Giorgia, was a West Virginian native having grown up in Charleston. They ended up in Parkersville as part of the WTA program. Henry used his military motor pool training to land a job at the town's only gas station - the old Esso on Rt.21. Twenty years and 5 children later, Henry had risen to the position of manager and was ready to strike out on his own. Mr. Cavolettis had acquired an old green tow truck (that always seemed older than he was) and together with two of his sons opened up shop.

Originally the name was going to be Henry's Towing, but his wife knew better and convinced him to name it Hank's. The old green tow truck became a fixture in Parkersville and Connor over the decades as Henry and sons provided affordable quality auto service. In 1992 Henry decided it was time to turn over the business to his oldest son, Benedetto. Henry and Giorgia moved to Tampa Florida, but Hank's Towing lived on.

Benedetto (Ben) continued the family business and eventually bought a majority share in the Parkersville Exxon - which used to be the old Esso. In a homecoming of sorts - Hank's moved its operation to the current site at the Exxon and added fuel sales to its towing and repair services. In 2013 Ben decided it was time to hand the business over to the next of kin, his son Nikkolas.

Nick, being third generation Parkersville, knows the people and the town very well. He went to PHS, wrestled varsity, was an Eagle Scout with Troop 121. He married his high school sweetheart Sarah and they currently have four dogs.

Nick has this to say about the town and his business: "I grew up here. This is the only home I know, I've got no plans to leave. Everything I care about is right here....I remember visiting grandma when I was a kid one Christmas in Florida. It was like 80 degrees!? I could never live in a place that didn't get snow every year. I love the snow. I get most of my business in the snow! (he laughed). But seriously, Parkersville has everything I want. The people, the memories...I'm pretty happy with what I got." And the business? "Hank's isn't going anywhere. I heard the rumor that we were supposed to be moving to Connor...not gonna happen. I heard that people thought we were repainting our trucks and getting rid of the green. Also not gonna happen. Hank's is Hank's. Grandpa set us up right and my job is to take care of it so one day I can hand it over to my kids. But that'll be a while from now. Right now I gota drop an engine out of that Ford." We shook hands as he smiled and turned away. A loud bell dinged twice as a customer drove up to the full service side. A hint of diesel hung in the air and a couple of kids were topping of their bike tires by the paper rack. This is Hank's.
-This is Parkersville
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Nick Cavoletti continues to keep Hank's Towing a family run business

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